Polliwog | Natural, handmade, & US made clothing, gifts, and toys for kids 0-8 | Portland Oregon

About Polliwog

Dedicated to bringing you the highest quality natural products to your family. 

Our store features classic items that can’t be found in the larger toy stores. Each item in our store is quality crafted and safe for your child. Polliwog maintains an updated inventory and offers new items for every season and occasion. If you’re looking for a great specialty item, come in to Polliwog and check out our latest selection.

About Us


Polliwog got its name when 3-year-old Hazel picked the word from a nursery rhyme about mothers and their babies. Not long after opening Phoebe's Cafe in Brooklyn, New York, the birth of Hazel had realigned our priorities, and we moved to the Pacific Northwest and opened a baby store, where our whole family could be together. We wanted to offer the products that benefitted us: clothes that had style rather than logos, natural materials, organic fibers, toys without batteries, baby-wearing options. 
Nine years later there are four of us running our mom-and-pop operation: Olive Raak, Hazel Raak, Phoebe Smith Buls and Chris Raak