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Winter Water Factory


Winter Water Factory's bold, beautiful children's garments are truly made in the USA: their bold textile prints are developed in their Brooklyn studio, silkscreened onto organic cotton fabric that was made in this country, and fashioned by hand into classic designs. We are always excited when we get to open a fresh box of goodies from Winter Water Factory....

Winter Water Factory is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed textiles and organic kids' clothing.  Fresh, bold, and beautiful textile prints are the signature of Winter Water Factory. Printed on soft organic cotton and fashioned into classic designs, our line of kids' clothing has been a great success with retailers and consumers alike. We believe in creating high-quality products for a healthy planet. Every item is crafted from 100% certified organic cotton and is made in the USA—from the fabric to the final stitch.
    The company is the brainchild of Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock.  Lynen, the creative force behind the company and its compelling prints and designs, is a self-taught designer who draws inspiration from a variety of sources—from children's books to vintage wallpaper to envelope liners.  She came to New York in 1999 from Germany after completing medical school. Starting out as a freelance crafter, Lynen fell in love with product design and quickly learned everything she could about it.  In 2005, she rented a silk-screen studio and began exploring the possibilities of fabric design. The result has been a line of striking prints with just the right blend of bold graphics and whimsical illustrations.  Todd Warnock, Lynen's husband of 12 years, administers the daily operations and is in charge of sales and marketing.  He is also the company's in-house photographer and graphic designer.
    Oh, and about that weird name. The original “Winterwasserfabrik” was founded in the early 1980s in Eschweiler, Germany, where Stefanie and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as “winter water.” The tradition of creating fine products from all-natural resources continues here in Brooklyn. And who knows? We might even bottle some winter water again someday!

Super Slippers


Padraig Cottage slippers are made by hand in a harborside studio in Vancouver. The uppers are fashioned from raw wool that is hand spun, hand dyed in small lots, and crocheted by local artisans. The soles are hand cut sheepskin, and the resulting wooly insole is as cozy as it gets. After almost 40 years, Padraig Cottage no longer sells slippers at craft markets in British Columbia, but we do have them here at Polliwog. And we have found that once families get a pair, and know how comfy their kids' feet are, they come back each year for the next size....